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​Envision the potential in everyone you meet and see the beauty and possibility in all that surrounds you. Believe in yourself and that all things are possible. Every person has the opportunity to change the world. Create unique, functional and fun pieces utilizing items that would normally end up in our waste stream, while providing people the support, space and tools they need to create. Achieve a universal awareness of the necessity to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills while changing people’s perception of the world around them.

To develop a non-profit Creative Reuse Community Center along with Outreach Programs. We will be dedicated to effecting positive change in our Community and fostering a clear understanding of the necessity to participate in the Reuse / Upcycle / Recycle Movement. To become a hub for Re-Creators, Creators, Educators, as well as offering programs to the general public. We will provide a friendly and creative atmosphere people can gather to teach, learn, network, become inspired and develop a sense of community and purpose. We will share knowledge, resources, space, tools and have available a continually updating inventory of reusable and surplus supplies and materials.

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